Ceralti’s great passion for viticulture is also encouraged by the territory, its micro-climate and its  geographic location. These ingredients create a unique combination of positive factors. 11 hectares of vineyards, mainly situated on the hills between Castagneto and Bolgheri, the homeland of many world famous wines. Grapes are hand-picked and processed both through traditional methods and modern vinification techniques. 6200 plants per hectare, that are grown using either a running system or a guyot. The plants’ low yield is not only related to the density of the plantation, but rather to the nature of the soil, that may cause thinning grapes.

The different phases of the process are followed by the company’s managers,  Walter Alfeo, a skilled, experienced agronomist and his son Iacopo, who is both an agronomist and enologist. Together they are a warrant for the quality of the whole supply chain.

The company boasts a long experience in the field of wine production. In 1997, Ceralti produced the first Bolgheri Rosso DOC, bottled after ageing in barriques.  The company has also peach orchards and secular olive trees, producing high-quality extra-virgin oil from pitted/unpitted olives. Ceralti is presently setting up some additional olive trees for experimental cultivations. New vineyards are also being planted, including some clones of local grapes, in cooperation with the Arezzo Experimental Reseach Centre for Viticulture.


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Olio Extravergine di Oliva TOScANO

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