Alfeo Bolgherei D.O.C. Superiore Rosso

Harvest: september until october
Grape type: 50% merlot, 40% cabernet sauvignon, 10% cabernet franc


Vineyard and soil characteristics

Area: 3 hectares, in the hills between bolgheri and castagneto carducci.
Soil: from muddy clay with structure to medium consistency, very rich in iron minerals. The iron was burn to the etruscan people. The color of the soil in some parts of the area is really deep red.
Exsposition: est-west
Altitude: 150 m high, in front of the see
Growing style: cordone speronato
Plant density: 6250 plants per hectare
Yield per hectare: 50 – 60
Yield per plant: 800 gr – 1 kg



The grapes are selected and picked by hand. Maceration and fermentation take place at controlled temperatures in cement wine vats for 18 days. Malolactic fermentation takes place in french oak barrels (1500 liters) where the wine improves for 12 months, followed by final rectification in bottles for 12 months.



Colour: intense ruby red with violet reflections
Aroma: A marked red fruitiness with pronounced green-red spices due to the pirazins of the cabernet franc.
Flavour: structured, consistent, rich in sweet tannins, well balanced aroma, long finish
Alcohol content: 14 %
Temperature of serve: 18°c